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    7" Single on 45cat: Allen Frizzell - She's Livin' It Up (And I'm Drinkin' 'em Down) / Every Night I Take Her Memory To Bed - Sound Factory - USA - S.F. 45worlds 45cat 45spaces Welcome Guest!
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    Feb 26,  · Women never cease to fascinate me: she’ll give you her heart the second she feels that you will keep it safe and won’t step all over it, but as soon as you take it out of the safe and scuff it.
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    Feb 12,  · Playing only the greatest in real country western, gospel, and honky tonk music from yesteryear. Comin' to you straight from the sticks, ever whipstitch. I will be uploading 25 jewels every .
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    For example: If a guy pushed his woman away and now he regrets it and wants her back, he might say to himself, “I have to make it up to her somehow. I have to do whatever it takes to convince her that I’m desperately sorry for what I did and that I want her back. I need to show her that if she gives me another chance I’ll never hurt her.
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    She's Livin' It Up (And I'm Drinkin' 'Em Down) / Every Night I Take Her Memory To Bed: 04/ SP EPIC (US) It 'll Be Love By Morning / Mystery: 08/ SP EPIC (US) Where The Cheaters Go / Everybody Misses You.
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    Apr 07,  · A younger brother of both Lefty and David Frizzell, Allen today writes and sings predominantly Christian music, although he will perform a Lefty Frizzell tribute (omitting Lefty’s rowdier songs). This song charted in – the follow up was titled “She’s Livin’ It Up (and I’m Drinkin’ ‘Em Down)”, neither of them songs Allen would dream of performing today.
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