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    monoculture in agricultural practice, the concentration of one crop in a given area. This is generally associated with the growth of commercial agriculture and of CASH CROPPING, and can be contrasted with mixed farming more characteristic of agriculturalists growing for their own patcompreatvaethempsontarotonasoce.coinfo monoculture may have benefits for some crops, there may also be disadvantages: certain forms of.
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    The Free Dictionary defines monoculture in two ways: 1. The cultivation of a single crop on a farm or in a region or country. 2. A single, homogeneous culture without diversity or dissension. We’ve come to associate monoculture with genetic uniformity, deep tillage, as well as pesticide and herbicide use.
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    Monoculture is the agricultural practice of growing a single plant species across a vast land area. Instead of growing a variety of crops, as farmers have done throughout most of human history, they instead tend to land that produces only a single type of crop.
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    Tape recorders, found sounds, cheap amps, and sampled instruments. Granular clouds bathed in tonal streams. Catharsis composed during a bout of neurosis. All.
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    Monoculture forests reduce the range of habitats for birds and other wildlife and thereby reduce the environmental and economic benefits people derive from wildlife seed-dispersal. 4. There's a monoculture in biomedical research that revolves around mice testing, Engber explains.
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    Oct 30,  · Monoculture Monoculture is the cultivation of a single crop at a time in a given field. It is common in modern farming, especially industrial scale farming. It is in contrast to alternative approaches such as polyculture which emphasise growing multiple crops.
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    Hippocamp alumnus MonoCulture, who goes by the name of Nick Eymann in the non-digital world, is known around the patcompreatvaethempsontarotonasoce.coinfo scene for his amazing production values interwoven with some of the tightest rhythm work and most superb melodies ever heard in the IDM genre.
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    Immediately download the Monoculture summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching Monoculture.