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    37 Ash St. - RR 5, Rockwood, ON N0B 2K0 Guelph Kitchener (toll free) [email protected]
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    Aug 19,  · In this Sept. 23, photo, migratory Vaux’s swifts are a blur as they race to roost for the night inside a large, brick chimney at Chapman Elementary School in Portland, Oregon.
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    Chimney Swifts were present at Chaetura Canyon for days. Report from Travis Audubon’s Chaetura Canyon Bird Sanctuary FALL Chaetura. FALL Chaetura Page 3 Here and there Valencia, PA Some years ago an Eagle Scout built a swift tower according to .
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    Oct 07,  · Chimney Swifts flying into chimney of the Field House on campus of Xavier University on October 6th, Large numbers of swifts use this chimney as .
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    Chimney Swifts are protected by State Wildlife Codes and Federal law under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of Like all Neotropical Migrants, Chimney Swifts are declining in numbers and need our assistance. Like watching a beautiful sunset, the aesthetic value of observing Chimney Swifts.
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    The chimney swift is one of four regularly occurring species of swifts found in North America, the most common one found east of the Rockies. They have become accustomed to building their nests in chimneys as well as abandoned buildings and occasionally stone wells. Adult chimney swifts are most commonly seen in flight, and usually in groups.
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    Chimney swifts like anywhere where they can get into a dark hole, which resembles their natural habitat of a hollow tree or cave. Because of this making sure your chimney is capped with wire or if you use a top damper making sure that the damper is covered is important to keep not only swifts, but squirrels and other pests from making home in.
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    After 1 week’s time, swifts should begin flying into the chimney to be fed. Now, they will gain practice and improve their ability flying into and out of the chimney. The fun begins! Week two in the flight cage: Swifts will be gaining confidence, strength and ability. Flying in and out of the chimney .
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    Chimney Swifts are a federally protected bird and we are not allowed to disturb them while they are nesting. As long as you have regularly maintained your chimney, a Chimney Swift poses no health hazard to you because unlike other birds, they do not spread histoplasmosis. Nesting Season. Chimney Swifts make their nests in masonry chimneys that.