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  1. Mikazshura Reply
    Apr 28,  · 2) Eternal torment a) Means a very serious eternal crime has been committed Either way, each punishment is eternal - it is irrevocable. Therefore, a very serious, very evil, and eternal crime must have been committed in order to deserve either fate. So then why would annihilation be more appropriate than eternal torment?
  2. Vudojin Reply
    Eternal, conscious torment is therefore not an eternal destruction. It is not a destruction at all. Did Jesus Suffer The Pains of Hell? The death of Christ was a substitutionary death. It was the punishment for the sins of his people (Romans ). If Christ died for his people, then one might argue that we should expect that there is a.
  3. Mazular Reply
    So, the Beast’s “destruction” is everlasting torment in the lake of fire. Third is the argument from the word eternal. In hell passages, it is claimed, eternal means only pertaining to “the age to come” and not “everlasting.” It is true that in the New Testament, eternal means “agelong,” with .
  4. Arashiran Reply
    Jul 31,  · If eternal torment or annihilation is true, then God is the most diabolical being in the universe. Imagine a God who brings humans into existance and then blinds them on purpose to the gospel just so they can spend eternity in some hell? Mat At that season, answering, Jesus said, "I am acclaiming Thee.
  5. Taull Reply
    4) Eternal conscious torment is incompatible with sin that occurs in time, so eternal conscious torment violates the justice of God. Stott contends that there is a “serious disproportion between sins consciously committed in time and torment consciously experienced throughout eternity.” (Judgement and Hell, pp. ) Response.
  6. Dum Reply
    Perhaps what we need is an eternal perspective that changes everything–how we view life, how we view our trials, and how we live life in the ordinary. The truth is that we are being prepared for.
  7. Vijas Reply
    Thus also with the doctrine of eternal torment. Eternal torment has God saying: "Make one mistake (not believing in Me), and I’ll torture you for eternity!" The world knows how ridiculous that is. Witness: Have Christians, for all their trouble and preaching, reformed the .
  8. Migal Reply
    Sep 09,  · Hell is real, but after the Judgement, sinners suffer not the punishment of eternal torment, but eternal destruction. This view is based on the following arguments: Biblical verses that teach that death is the punishment for sin (e.g. Ezek. ; Ro. ;) and that at the final day of judgement, the wicked will suffer eternal destruction.