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  1. Jura Reply
    A modification in bands using fib values in wma. This will help to see short and long term volatility and to find if it will change its way from lower/upper to upper/lower band.
  2. Mahn Reply
    The Fibonaccis rose out of the early-'80s punk scene in Los Angeles, CA. Drawing from a wide range of influences including film scores, circus music, as well as an interest in bizarre pop culture in general, the band took their name after Leonardo Fibonacci, the 14th Century Italian mathematician.
  3. Mezigore Reply
    The Limited Edition Spirio Fibonacci B. The compelling design of The Fibonacci and incredible groundswell of public interest has prompted Steinway & Sons to create a unique ownership opportunity with the release of up to six limited-edition Fibonacci Steinway Model Bs. All the Fibonacci Model Bs are also Steinway & Sons Spirios —high resolution player pianos—and are available for purchase.
  4. Kemuro Reply
    The song is the third single and title track of their third studio album Lateralus. A lot of interpretations for Tool’s Lateralus can be found on the internet, and for some this song carries a larger than life meaning.