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    Carrier wave definition: a wave of fixed amplitude and frequency that is modulated in amplitude, frequency, or | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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    Carrier-in-Carrier technology is able to distinguish between the transmit and receive signal, by implementing adaptive filtering and phase lock loop signal processing, thereby filtering one service from another. Parameters that the Carrier-in-Carrier processes for the signals are as follows: Amplitude.
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    Jun 17,  · A carrier wave is nothing more than the fundamental signal on which the information is impressed, or carried. An unmodulated carrier is (ideally) a sine wave. Nothing "causes" them in the sense they're a byproduct of a process, but rather a carrier is intentionally generated by some sort of .
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    Carrier sinewave frequency 10 MHz, amplitude 1 Vp-p with frequency deviation constant kHz=V,mod-ulated by sinewave frequency 10 kHz amplitude 1 Vp-p. 2. Explain what is Carson™s rule. 3. What is the di⁄erence between NBFM and wideband FM refer to the.
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    An example of the modulated carrier is shown in the accompanying figure. In this figure, the level of the modulating VF signal is 1 volt (white level). 1 V. yields residual carrier (10%). Short duration full carrier (%) is the sync pulse and the 73% is so called back porch (black level). The duration of the signal is approximately μs.
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    Carrier Sleuth Display high resolution carrier waterfalls of medium wave radio stations For Windows and Macintosh. Attention Medium Wave DXers! While you can often only hear one, or perhaps two, stations on a frequency at a time, chances are there are actually many other stations lurking on that frequency, even in the daytime.
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    Oct 01,  · In telecommunications, a carrier wave, carrier signal, or just carrier, is a waveform (usually sinusoidal) that is modulated (modified) with an input signal for .
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    Seeing as this is a specialized type of carrier wave, I think this should be merged with the main articleObey the Fist!! , March 17, (UTC) I'm not convinced that it should be merged. It's a type of carrier wave, yes, but it's also specialized and not a standard one. -- sulfur , March 17, (UTC) Me, too. If this type of carrier wave was merely a different name for one.