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  1. Kakora Reply
    Attractive Foliage Sweet, rose-pink, heart-shaped pendant flowers accent handsome incised leaves, similar to fern fronds. This unique variety is versatile and reliable, staying at a manageable size at around 15 inches and blooming all summer long. Native to North America, enjoy its blooms from late spring intermittently until frost.
  2. Arashiktilar Reply
    Valentine® Bleeding Heart Dicentra spectabilis 'Hordival' Plant Patent #22, Sku # An old-fashioned favorite with a vibrant new look, featuring superb clusters of heart-shaped deep red flowers from arching red stems. Deeply lobed, gray-green to purple-green foliage forms a tidy, compact, mounding clump. Pairs well with hostas and ferns.
  3. Mole Reply
    Make Offer - Old Roseville Bleeding Heart Blue 6in Ewer, , Excellent Condition, ca. Vintage Roseville Art Pottery Bleeding Heart " Blue Cornacopia circa $
  4. Tagrel Reply
    Bleeding Hearts, also known as Dicentra, literally light up shady areas with their elegant long stems and famous heart-shaped flowers. There are two basic types of plants, the larger ones (to 30") with arching stems that bloom in spring, and the smaller "fern-leaf" types that keep blooming all summer.
  5. Mobei Reply
    This traditional Bleeding Heart Plant, “Lamprocapnos spectabilis” is the most recognized and well-known variety. It grows to around 28 inches in height, and is suitable for planting in zones The first flush of lush foliage will appear in springtime as a sign that winter dormancy has passed.
  6. Kazrar Reply
    The old-fashioned bleeding heart, D. spectabilis, is truly an easy-to-grow perennial. These plants are quick to pop up alongside spring bulbs and swiftly grow to full size. D. spectabilis leaves are generally a pleasant blue-green or gold, and its heart-shaped blossoms can come in a range of colors, including pink, red, white-reds, and white.
  7. Akinorr Reply
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  8. Vurn Reply
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